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Revolutionary Urbanistic Concept for a New Global Mindset

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A Revolutionary Urbanistic Concept for a New Global Mindset.

Platform of Support and Solidarity Between all Women on the Planet.

A new feminist design in the urban outline social mentality at global scale of 1/1:

“One for All and All for One”.


The project was born from a desire to operate in an active and realistic way in defense of all Women. in the name of an absolutely necessary change in the global mentality of contemporary society. The collection gives shape through jewelry to a feminist aesthetic-ethical manifesto and serves as a platform of support and solidarity between all Women on the Planet.


A renewed perspective whose concept is based on the idea of ​​renewing the urban concept in terms of the horizons of women’s rights and the entire social collective.

The designs of these pieces are minimally inspired by the contours of contemporary architectural urban planning from a wide Vogel Perspective as a signifying metaphor for all the values, ​​and concepts, that are intended to be built through this project.


Skyline is a complicit hug, a hand that extends, a supportive shoulder of support among the feminist brotherhood.

A point of balance that demands justice and equal rights between Free and Independent Women who will be able to acquire these jewels with ease and the safeguarding of the common shine of feminine dignity that overshadows so many Women currently subjected to terrible situations of violence, inequality and oppression patriarchal.

It is an intellectual revolution created from Woman to Woman whose war cries are vocalized through 3 major guiding principles:






On a pragmatic level, this campaign with a strong socio-political content manifests itself through the conversion of part of the profits obtained from online sales of those jewells to an organization that provides effective support to Women who are in a vulnerable situation.

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The SKYLINE collection will also be present in design museum stores internationally.


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Maria Leite With Cláudia Cid · Photos by: Lena Wan · Art Make-up: Alexandra Drewitt