Ana Cardim was born in Lisbon in 1975 and expressed, from an early age, her desire to create jewells that went beyond the borders of mere body adornment. 


With a degree in Art History, she took a Master in Theory and Esthetics of Contemporary Arts at the University of Barcelona and had a solid parallel training in jewellery field, having attended several schools: Massana, California College of the Arts, Contacto Directo and Ar.Co. 


She complemented that knowledge with among other educational experiences of which stand out the Performing Arts and the develop of her psychologic skills to deal with reality with a different and always positive point of view.


Ana has an innate passion for nature, poetry, philosophy and classical music. Common places of inspiration and deep reflection where she meets Beauty in the time of each space. 


As an Artist, in the scope of author jewellery, she introduced the “Device Jewel” concept and developed an original critical discourse, that was recognized through several awards and institutional support: DGArtes, Camões Institute, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, PIN and KLIMT02.


The artistic objects generated by this creative process can be seen as interaction micro devices, which stimulate dynamic dialogues – creating and recreating critical opinion in the public sphere. In aesthetic terms, these objects transgress the common function of body adornments and acquire a political value. They are vehicles of social intervention, whose purpose is to catalyze a redistribution of meanings, and propose new ways of making sense, in the face of a predominantly urban contemporaneity, in its different social and environmental aspects.


For the last seventeen years, she has regularly exposed her conceptual work in the international museum and galleryistic circuit with special and steady representation during the last decade at Putti Art Gallery. 


As a Jewelry Designer, she highlights the most aesthetic aspect of his creations, having launched his own brand that has already been recognized through numerous International Design Awards.


She understands her designer´s role as extension and complement of her artistic skills towards achieving effective goals that respond to her deep social commitment and concern as a Human Being.


Loyal lover of her own Faith, Ana Cardim believes in a change of mindset, which gives her impetus and catalyzing purpose as a creator of aesthetic root devices materialized in jewells.