Ana Cardim was born in Lisbon in 1975 and expressed, from an early age, her desire to create jewells that went beyond the borders of mere body adornment.

With a degree in Art History, she took a Master in Theory and Aesthetics of Contemporary Arts at the University of Barcelona and had a solid parallel training in jewellery field.

As an Artist, in the scope of author jewellery, she developed an original critical discourse that was recognized through several prizes and institutional grants support. For the last sixteen years, she has regularly exposed her conceptual work in the international galleryistic circuit.

As a Jewellery Designer, she highlights the most aesthetic aspect of her creations, having launched her own brand that has already been recognized through numerous International Design Awards.

Loyal lover of her own Faith, Ana Cardim believes in a change of mindset, which gives her impetus and catalyzing purpose as a maker of aesthetic root devices materialised in jewells.