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Terms and Conditions

Updated February 25, 2024.


The website is owned by ANA RODRIGUES DOS SANTOS CARDIM RIBEIRO, with NIF 213227568, whose tax office is located at Rua do Sol ao Rato, 21 – 3ºEsq 1250-261 Lisboa, collectively referred to as “Ana Cardim”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this “Terms and Conditions” document.

For any questions related to the Website or these terms and conditions, you can contact ANA CARDIM through the following contacts:
Rua do Sol ao Rato, 21 – 3ºEsq 1250-261 Lisboa

+351 939603297 – Opening hours: from 11 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.


These Terms and Conditions are applicable to visitors to the Website, as well as to any transactions of a commercial nature carried out through the online store available on the Website

Navigation on the Website, as well as the purchase of any products in the online store hosted therein, implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the User and the Customer.

ANA CARDIM reserves the right to change these General Conditions of Contract and Use without prior notice, and any changes will be published on this website.


The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of this Website without prior written authorization from ANA CARDIM is prohibited for any purposes other than strictly personal use.

ANA CARDIM reserves the right to modify, at any time, the information and the commercial offer presented in relation to products, prices, promotions and commercial conditions. The photographs presented on the Website are for illustrative purposes only. Consequently, the ANA CARDIM brand recommends that the Customer always consult the detailed description of the product available when presenting it in the store.


ANA CARDIM is a trademark registered ® with the INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property. All copyright and other intellectual property rights inherent to the products and any other content made available on this website are the exclusive property of ANA CARDIM and, consequently, any copy, transmission, transfer, disposal or free use is not authorized without the consent of ANA CARDIM.

All designs created by ANA CARDIM are registered on the copyright


All products sold in this store at comply with Portuguese law.

ANA CARDIM refuses any responsibility in case of violation of the legislation of the country where the order is delivered. The Customer is responsible for checking with the local authorities the conditions for importing or using the products he intends to order.

ANA CARDIM is not responsible for damage resulting from interference, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions or failures in the connection of the operating system that may temporarily prevent access, navigation or the provision of transport services to users.


Customers and Users undertake to comply with and respect these Terms and Conditions, namely:

  1. Avoid the introduction, storage or dissemination, through the Website, of defamatory, obscene, insulting, xenophobic content and/or any other content that violates the general principles of law and public order;
  2. Save and not disclose the respective login password on the website to prevent access by external entities to your account on the Website;
  3. Do not use false identities;
  4. Provide personal data and correct addresses so that ANA CARDIM can properly process orders.

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data communicated to ANA CARDIM and undertakes to immediately introduce any changes thereto in the Registration Account.

ANA CARDIM declines any responsibility for any delay or impossibility of processing the order, particularly on delivery, due to error or insufficiency of the data communicated by the customer.


To make purchases on the website, simply enter the “shop” section through the main menu, visit the available products and insert the items you wish to purchase into the virtual shopping basket. In the checkout process, you will have to fill in the data requested in the different stages of the purchase until it is completed. You can choose to create a customer account by selecting registration with the respective password so that you can access your history in the future.

ANA CARDIM informs that the prices charged on its website are exclusive to the store and may differ from the prices charged by its brand’s resale partners both in physical stores and in other online stores. All promotional campaigns have limited and exclusive stock for online marketing at the store.

The validation of the purchase order implies that the Customer expressly acknowledges and accepts these Terms and Conditions, available for consultation on the Website. The data recorded by the store serves as proof of the set of transactions carried out between the individual businesswoman ANA CARDIM and the End Customer. ANA CARDIM is responsible for archiving the electronic document in which the contract is formalized and for keeping it accessible.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive an automatic email confirming the transaction and a second email with the invoice corresponding to your purchase. If the data is not correct, you can request the rectification and/or cancellation of the purchase made within a maximum period of 12 hours via email to

The store accepts the following payment methods:

Visa / MasterCard / PayPal / Amazon Pay / Apple Pay / Multibanco Reference


Due to the specific characteristics of the raw materials – metals – used in the production of our jewelry, the existence of stock only confirms that the main body of the piece is available for the final finishing stage in any of the options provided at the time of purchase: polishing, brushing, gold or platinum plating, customization in the size of rings among other possibilities required in the field of observations or via email

This way we guarantee the highest possible quality upon delivery to the customer. In this sense, to the times provided for in point 9 (relating to the shipping of products by the carrier) a prior period will have to be added, the maximum limit of which will be 3 working days.

The store only processes an order placed by a customer after payment has been confirmed, so ANA CARDIM cannot guarantee the availability of the items until the completion of that processing. If an item is marked “out of stock”, you can, however, consult us about the expected deadlines for restocking it via email

The catalog of products in the store is independent of the existing quantities in stock of your brand’s resale partners, both in physical stores and in other online stores. All promotional campaigns have limited and exclusive stock for online marketing associated with the store.


All shipments will be MADE FREE OF CHARGE WORLDWIDE through the Portuguese carrier CTT. Delivery times vary according to the destination countries. You can track your order on our website via the link

Alternatively, you can always track your order through the website of the carrier CTT – Correios de Portugal:

Delivery times

Shipping is carried out after confirmation of payment, according to the expected time and described in the presentation of each product.

ANA CARDIM only ships on working days. In this way, neither weekends nor holidays are estimated in the estimated time for sending orders. In any case, the estimated delivery times are merely indicative since the shipping time varies depending on the destination of the order and we cannot be held responsible for any delays that may occur with the carrier.

For Portugal and Spain: estimated delivery time – between 2/3 working days (6 working days for the Madeira and Azores archipelagos).

For other European Union countries: estimated delivery time – 5 working days.

For European countries outside the European Union: estimated delivery time – 7 working days.

Outside Europe: estimated delivery time – 7 working days.

Each country has its own import duties and taxes. The Customer is responsible for paying taxes and customs obligations in his own country.


The following Terms and Conditions apply only to purchases made at the store.

If you have opted for payment by multibanco reference, failure to pay for the order within 24 hours after the date on which it was finally placed implies the automatic cancellation of the order. Even if the payment reference remains valid, we can already guarantee the existing stock at the time of your initial order.

You can cancel your order at any time until it is delivered, with the right to a refund of the amounts paid. If it has already been shipped, the customer will be responsible for its return, this amount being refunded after verifying that the item is in the same state in which it was sent. If this does not happen, the piece will be sent back to the Customer assuming that, under these conditions, the return of the purchase price can no longer occur.

Upon receipt of the order by the Customer, the latter may exercise the right to withdraw in accordance with the law, namely Decree Law No. 24/2014, of February 14. The Customer is entitled to termination without giving any reason and without incurring any costs other than those mentioned below. The withdrawal period expires after 14 non-working days from the day on which the Customer or an external entity other than the carrier, and appointed by the Customer, acquires physical possession of the articles,

IMPORTANT: All parts will be sealed in their frontal area. You will be able to try the piece on the body without having to remove the aforementioned seal. Once the jewel has been broken, it is considered that the jewel has already been used. ANA CARDIM does not accept the return of used items, the customer having to assume, in this case, the purchase of the product.

Within the termination period, the Customer must inform ANA CARDIM of the respective decision to terminate the contract via email

If the Customer exercises their right to withdrawal, ANA CARDIM will refund all payments received from the Customer through the same payment method used in the initial transaction, unless it has expressly agreed to another method; in any case, you will not incur any fees resulting from such refund.

ANA CARDIM will withhold the reimbursement until the items sent are received, even if the Customer has presented proof of having sent the items back, since it will be necessary to verify that the item is in the same state in which it was sent and that it has not been used. If this does not happen, the piece will be sent back to the Customer assuming that, under these conditions, the return of the purchase price can no longer occur.

The Customer will return the items to the address mentioned in these terms, or must deliver them to ANA CARDIM or another person authorized by the latter to receive the items, without undue delay and, in any case, within a period of 14 working days from the day on which you communicate your decision to terminate the contract with ANA CARDIM.

The Customer will initially bear the cost of the return. Returned items must keep the security seal inviolate and be packed in the complete original packaging, accompanied by the corresponding invoice. The costs of this return shipment will be refunded later and after confirmation of the condition of the returned product.

In accordance with applicable law (Decree Law no. 7/2004 of January 7), ANA CARDIM reserves the right to cancel an order whenever a programming error occurs, a malfunction in ANA CARDIM’s computers.


To best preserve your jewelry, you should store it individually in the packaging, avoid contact with perfume, cream, oils or other greasy and/or abrasive substances.

Jewelry cleaning should be carried out with white toothpaste and a previously moistened soft toothbrush. Brush mainly on the textured areas and lightly on the polishing areas. Rinse with water and dry with absorbent kitchen paper. Customers who purchase pieces at the store must proceed in accordance with the information provided with the same regularity with which they use the jewel.


In silver pieces without a coating bath, the oxidation process is inevitable and accelerates or decreases according to the humidity of the environment, the PH of the skin, etc. These pieces require maintenance by the customer with suitable products for cleaning silver, which can be easily purchased at local drugstores or large commercial areas.

In the case of silver pieces with gold plating baths, the oxidation process is slower because the surface of the silver is coated with a layer of gold alloy that is more resistant to oxidation. However, avoid hitting hard surfaces as well as prolonged use in contact with detergents, abrasives, fats or creams, as these actions could lead to premature wear of the coating before the period foreseen by the guarantee period. The cleaning procedure should be carried out using white toothpaste and a damp soft toothbrush. Rinse with water and dry with absorbent kitchen paper. In cases where the PH of the skin accelerates the oxidation process of the piece, it may be necessary to reinforce the gold bath, which will now be part of the “repair service”. Nonetheless, the cleaning procedure described above should resolve or greatly improve the situation if all the maintenance precautions described above have been taken.

In the case of brass pieces with gold or platinum coatings, the oxidation process is faster, although we take care to reinforce the layer thickness in the baths carried out in order to prolong their durability. You can still always use the “repair service” to maintain your jewelry.


All the jewelry designed and made by the ANA CARDIM brand are individually produced and undergo various manual production processes. Therefore, there may be slight variations between the photographs available at the store and the real jewels you receive after purchase.

The items sold here can be viewed and verified by the competent authorities at our atelier: Rua do Sol ao Rato, 21 – 3º esq 1250-261 Lisboa

In case of doubt about the authenticity of the brands, the Customer can consult the Contrastaria services to verify them.

According to the established law, all items are guaranteed for 2 years, from the date the purchase invoice is issued. We therefore recommend that you keep the piece in its original packaging together with proof of purchase. All damage arising from technical defect issues, during this period, will be assumed by ANA CARDIM who is also responsible for the costs of shipping to the atelier as well as the costs of sending it back to the customer’s address after repairing the problem.

However, any liability is excluded for damage to the items resulting from lack of precaution and inappropriate or negligent use, taking into account the conditions of normal use and attentive to the “Care and Maintenance” described above. It is also recommended that you carefully read the exclusions provided for in the warranty, which are detailed below this document.

If the item purchased is defective, the Customer must report the situation via email to, specifying the order number and a description of the defect. The costs of returning or collecting the defective item within the guarantee period will be borne by ANA CARDIM.

Upon receipt of the article at ANA CARDIM’s facilities, a technical check will be carried out and, in case of non-compliance, the article will be replaced. In this case, ANA CARDIM will replace the item and send it back to the Customer’s address at no additional cost.

Warranty Exclusions:

a – In silver pieces with gold coating, the contact of the piece with a more acidic skin pH may eventually cause accelerated wear of the coating layer. Likewise, knocks on hard surfaces, prolonged use in contact with detergents, abrasives or some creams can lead to premature wear of the coating. In these cases, you may be assisted to have a new bath through the repair service described below.

b – In uncoated silver pieces, the oxidation process is inevitable and requires maintenance by the customer with suitable products for cleaning silverware. If you wish, you can be assisted in cleaning your part through the repair service described below, however, we advise you to maintain the parts in accordance with the advice described above.

If the technical verification detects signs of incorrect use, and/or any problem that may have caused such a defect, the Customer will be contacted to indicate whether he wants to have the item repaired. In this case, the costs related to the repair will be borne by the Customer.

In order to evaluate each case correctly, you must first send an email to explaining the situation and send images that illustrate it so that a consensus can be reached on each specific situation.


Our repair service is exclusive to the ANA CARDIM jewelry brand. We do not accept orders or quotes or any type of service for jewelry from other brands.

For any question about the repair of your jewelry outside the warranty period, or within the scope of the exceptions provided for by it, you should report the situation via email to

We will be happy to help by analyzing the case in advance in order to give you the respective budget. The sending and re-sending of the items will be borne by the customer. The repair will only start after express acceptance of the quote by the Customer and the initial payment of 60% upon award. The delivery time will vary according to each specific case and will be foreseen in the delivery of the budget.

The repair service includes adjustments to the measurements of rings, bracelets or necklaces. New gold or rhodium plating baths, parts cleaning, etc.


The daily price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium can be consulted through the following link:


For your convenience, this Website provides external links such as ANA CARDIM jewelery resellers, among others. However, the content displayed on the websites to which the links are linked is beyond our control. Consequently, you must read the corresponding Terms and Conditions when using these platforms.


All purchases made at the store are subject to Portuguese law. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of the Terms and Conditions must be submitted to the competent Portuguese court.


ACCL Entity – Lisbon Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center

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  2. ELECTRONIC COMPLAINTS BOOK If you need to make an online complaint, you can do so at the following link: