I understand my brand as an active agent in the reconstruction of Woman identity that promotes their freedom of expression as a contribution to the aesthetic, ethical, political and cultural redefinition in the context of contemporary society.

A new brand concept within the scope of contemporary jewellery design conceived by a Woman and for the Woman.

Simultaneously discreet and bold, the jewellery brand by Ana Cardim reflects an attitude of refinement that refers to a temporality that crosses the classic imaginary and the futuristic innovation.

Its design follows sophisticated criteria of lightness and formal debugging that bet on an asymmetrical geometry lending new forms to the eternal feminine.

Most of the pieces have an affinity with architectural volumes, contours and structures, harmonizing straight and curved lines and emphasizing transition zones between open and closed spaces as communicating channels.

We assume the visibility of the skin as an indispensable stylistic resource in the design of each jewel, giving symbolic unity to the relationship established between the piece and the Woman who gives it, not only body, but also soul and character – in an infinite reinterpretation of the power enigma of being a WOMAN.


The brand participated at Inhorgenta Munich 2023 and will be present in Milano Jewellery Week 2024.

Contemporary Jewellery Design

Registered trademark at INPI
(National Institute of Industrial Property).
All collections are registered on the CC Proof copyright platform.