FLOW · brooch “Vent Rebelle”

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Vent Rebelle brooch talks about the courage to never give up on what we want to achieve even during the biggest storms we have to face in the depths of our hearts.


925 sterling silver · diamond texture conjugated with high-gloss polishing and satin finish.

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925 sterling silver · diamond texture conjugated with high-gloss polishing and satin finish.


Part of the sales results of the FLOW JEWELLS is attributed to APAV – Institution that supports crime victims, their families and friends, providing them with quality, free and voluntary services and contributing to the improvement of public, social and private policies centered on the status of the victim.


Parte dos resultados das vendas das JÓIAS FLOW é atribuída à associação APAV – Instituição de apoio as vítimas de crime, suas famílias e amigos, prestando-lhes serviços de qualidade, gratuitos e confidenciais e contribuir para o aperfeiçoamento das políticas públicas, sociais e privadas centradas no estatuto da vítima.



j u s t   g o   w i t h   t h e   f l o w  . . .  I t   w i l l   b e   m y   f r e e d o m


FLOW collection is the bridge between the Woman and the World, between the Self and the Other.

It´s about Freedom. It´s about Independence. It´s about Choice. It´s about Tolerance. It´s about Courage. It´s about Respect. It´s about Hope.

Above all, it is about the gained knowledge during the great crossing of life aboard the sailboat of Love towards others and ourselves.

Driven by the name and inspired by its dynamic shapes, the FLOW pieces outline a secret dance in proximity movements with the eternal present.




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