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All our jewels are certified through the hallmark of industrial goldsmith by designer Ana Cardim affixed to the hallmarked by INCM Assays Office according to the Portuguese Law n.º 98/2015. This guarantee is the responsibility of the public company INCM which ensures the legal fineness of the precious metal alloy using the most modern analytical methods and supported by laboratories accredited by IPAC.


The company

Ana Cardim
Manufacture and trade in stores, online, at fairs and in the retail of jewelry and other jewelery items.

VAT PT213227568


National Trademark INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property nº 660767.

Title of Industrial Activity of Goldsmith nº T1420.


Responsibility Mark approved by the RJOC

All copyright on the designs created by Ana Cardim are safeguarded through the legal platform CC PROOF.